WePower Consulting offers flexible client-focused solutions that support your business and project development goals

The Paris Agreement set a net-zero emission target by mid-century. Meeting this goal requires people from all disciplines and all over the world to work together. WePower Consulting aims to contribute to Net Zero and help a circular economy. We are a growing team of friendly and professional consultants with decades of experience in the global energy market. We collaborate to help businesses in the energy, construction, transport and recycling industries work towards emission reductions or promote a circular economy.

We offer three main services

We will strengthen your bids at the project tendering stage.  We can even embed experts within your team to support you from early engagement, pre-qualification and directly through to detailed tendering and negotiations prior to a contract award.  We would like to help you execute your projects and achieve growth.  We have achieved project success at every level worldwide.  

We are a multi-lingual and multi-cultural team. Our network covers Europe, Asia and North America. We understand the importance of communication in global collaboration. We can help you with market access and your searching for suitable business partners, customers and suppliers.    

We are qualified professionals in finance, engineering, marketing, quality, health, safety and environment. We have in-depth knowledge of business operations coming from our experience working with a diverse range of organisations from startups to public companies. We can provide operational support and train your staff when your business is going through a transition phase.   

Fast Access

Our partnership gives you fast access to new project opportunities

Enhanced Capability

Our coaching enhances your team's knowledge base and capability

Risk Reduction

Our support helps you identify and manage risks and opportunities in advance

More Success

Our participation improves your tendering experience and increases the likelihood of a contract award by enhancing your understanding and technical capability

We focus on sectors such as energy, construction, transportation and recycling

We have supported a diverse range of businesses and projects:
  • Onshore and offshore transmission and distribution networks including interconnectors
  • Onshore and offshore wind
  • Solar generation
  • Biomass
  • Oil & gas
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon capturing and storage
  • Battery storage systems
  • Underground gas storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicle charging systems
  • Rail and overhead line equipment